Sonja Glover

05 Apr 2024 Transforming Businesses: Sustainability in Action

ESG integration is a dynamic ecosystem that requires adaptability and a proactive approach. With ESG Management, everything comes together to share your positive impact with your customers, suppliers, and employees.

11 Mar 2024 Building a Planet-Proof Business: Validating Your Sustainability

Learn how ESG assurance and certification confirm your commitment to sustainability, transparency, and ESG practices. Get started today and demonstrate your license to operate!

13 Feb 2024 ESG Compliance: Meeting Obligations and Thriving Responsibly

ESG compliance isn't just an obligation; it's a strategic choice that positions your organization as an accountable business in the modern world. Join us as we explore the critical role of ESG compliance.

15 Jan 2024 Navigating ESG Metrics: Driving Positive Change through ESG Metrics

ESG metrics are not just numbers; they represent your organization's commitment to environmental protection, social justice, and ethical governance. Find out more how you can pave a way for positive change through ESG metrics.

27 Nov 2023 The Transformative Power of ESG: Charting a Sustainable Business Plan

One of the fundamental steps in an organization's aspirations for ESG integration is the development of a future-proof ESG strategy. In this blog, we will share how you can create your own path to a sustainable future.

30 Oct 2023 The Power of ESG: Driving Sustainable Change from Within

Ready to make a positive impact? Discover practical tips for advocating sustainability within your organization.

21 Aug 2023 New ESG Management courses! Register now!

Do you want to improve your knowledge about sustainability, ESG and upcoming European directives, such as the much talked about CSRD? Do you serve small or medium-sized companies that are struggling to implement ESG principles? Sign up for our new courses!

31 May 2023 Enhancing ESG Reporting: Greenaumatic and KING Software Partner for Sustainable Growth

Measuring the impact of ESG integration requires access to reliable and accurate data. Together with KING Software, we are taking steps towards a sustainable future.

09 Mar 2023 Why Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises need to embrace ESG Principles

Are you a small or medium-sized enterprise struggling to implement ESG principles? You're not alone. But the good news is that there are ways to make the process easier and more cost-effective.

22 Nov 2022 Greenaumatic & Zero CO2

On November 8th, Greenaumatic had the pleasure to be invited to participate in the Promotiedagen Noord Nederland by Zero CO2. In a table discussion with entrepreneurs from the accountancy sector, we discussed the importance and possibilities of ESG reports in SMEs.

11 Sep 2022 Sustainability in business

Sustainability for businesses means integrating environmental en societal impact in business decisions. Impact that is measurable with the right data. Data that is already available within companies.

09 Aug 2022 Proof our Concept

Digitalization and data only create value for businesses when put to the right use. ESG reporting is one of these value creations. Measuring sustainability initiatives provides insight into opportunities and threats (return & risk). Incorporating these insights into business processes contributes to a more sustainable future.

26 Oct 2021 Greenaumatic @ 2021 EFAA International Conference – Brussels

On 22 October 2021 Greenaumatic participated in the session Smarter – The Digital Transformation at the EFAA International Conference 2021 - EFAA for SMEs,  together with Alfa Accountants