More sustainable businesses.
Make the world a better place.

We provide software and advice with clear ESG reports to help companies achieve their non-financial objectives

Sustainability as a standard

We encourage businesses to integrate a positive change of behaviour and drive sustainability. This leads to taking decisive actions.

Companies are then able to meet corporate social responsibility, create long-term value and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Your partner to a sustainable future

Making sustainability initiatives tangible allows us to help businesses understand their impact and become future proof.

Not only does this improve companies, their employees and their business, but also benefits society as a whole.

Make future proof decisions

We produce ESG metrics and build decisive reports. Our solutions support businesses in their sustainability and ESG challenges.

ESG is the abbreviation for Environment Social Governance and used to determine how far advanced a company is with sustainability.

Efficient reporting on ESG objectives

What is ESG?

ESG-pijler planeet


Employees, customers and suppliers expect their preferred companies to manage and limit their footprint on the environment.

Only through detailed insights into the entire value chain can the environmental impact be transitioned to a more sustainable future.

Organizations are then able to make data-driven decisions and take specific steps to achieve their sustainable goals.

ESG-pijler mensen

Focus on People

People are the beating heart of every organization. So, by taking care of them, organizations are taking care of themselves.

Personal development, social equality, prosperity and well-being result into enthusiastic employees, loyal customers and reliable suppliers.

Following and improving these criteria increases stakeholder engagement and creates new opportunities for development and growth.

ESG-pijler bedrijfsbeheer

Corporate Social Responsibility

Good governance involves transparency and effective communication with stakeholders and the community.

Complying with sustainability reporting legislation ensures loyalty and trust between stakeholders.

By knowing the ESG position, an organization complies with legislation on sustainability reporting and meets stakeholder demand.


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About Greenaumatic

Greenaumatic was created because we want to make the world a better place. We use our knowledge of data collection, processing and analysis, and produce decisive reports to help us achieve this. Add in our passion and you have Greenaumatic. We believe in addressing challenges one step at a time. We think big and believe our solutions will help companies create a better world. This doesn’t just benefit society; we’re convinced it also improves companies and their employees.



To the point, straightforward. This is how we prefer to work, to achieve our customers’ goals step by step, together.

We employ certain standards for our ESG reporting. But if we need to deviate from this path briefly, to achieve real social and societal change, then we do.



No big promises, no empty talk. We are crystal clear in what we can do for you. And equally, we also let you know what we can’t help you with. This prevents any unnecessary effort and wasted time or resources for everyone involved.



Committing your company to a better world does not need to be dull or tedious. On the contrary, it provides a real challenge and can give an energy boost – with lots of benefits. Greenaumatic enjoys making everything manageable. Always taking a step in the right direction is an enjoyable experience.



We’re not just data experts at Greenaumatic; we also have extensive knowledge of companies’ commercial, organizational and ESG aspects. We combine this technical know-how with expertise on business processes, employee behaviour with complex issues, and decision-making.

Our reports give you the tools you need.


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