Proof our Concept

Proof our Concept

Digitalization and data only create value for businesses when put to the right use. ESG reporting is one of these value creations. Measuring sustainability initiatives provides insight into opportunities and threats (return & risk). Incorporating these insights into business processes contributes to a more sustainable future.

In our blog Future proof your business! we already highlighted the importance of adequate sourcing, comprehensibility and relatability of the data. Only when the data is fully understood, can it be shared with stakeholders to:

          • Integrate results in the thought process
          • Allow for data-driven decision making
          • Pursue sustainable business operations


Our recent integrated API data connectors (VismaExact OnlineKing Finance) enable more efficient data sourcing opportunities for our customers.

By offering these connectors in our solution we aim;

  • to facilitate our customers in accelerating their sustainability initiatives.
  • to digitalize cumbersome and strenuous data collection activities.
  • steer resources more efficient and increase productivity.

For our customers serving companies in the Transport sector, we can also source data from common fuel and Transport Management System exports allowing the integration of data for in-depth insights.

This data is then incorporated in;

  • our CO2 Impact Scan, providing you with insight in your emissions and the impact on your business results.
  • our CO2 Impact Report for a more accurate analysis based on your actual fuel usage.
  • or put to use in our Progress Report Sector Transport based on fuel usage and shipments.
    In this report you gain insight into the trend of these elements and the associated CO2 emissions.

The latter report can also serve to produce the achieved reduction percentage to assess whether you are eligible for Lean & Green certification.

Not only will you be optimizing your business process and results, but also making yourself more eligible in tenders as a certified supplier.

In addition, we provide a variety of industry related recommendations on how to reduce your emissions.


We’d like to share several findings and initiatives we’ve encountered so far in the various pilots we have running in the Transport sector. This gives a more concrete understanding of the benefits that can be reached;

  • More can be done with the available data. Data is the new oil and tangible opportunities are within reach.
  • There is much to gain from collecting data and calculating the CO2 emissions. Energy consuming (work)flows are brought to light.
  • Creating insight shows that reductions up to 20% in CO2 emissions can be achieved.
  • Optimization of equipment, fuel usage and planning prove immediate efficiency as a result of data driven decisions.
  • Outsourcing and partnering increases the value of the supply chain.
  • A solid and trained workforce returns into increased customer appreciation.

Business optimization and efficiency often go hand in hand with CO2 reduction. Concrete actions can be put into place to provide customers with reliability and employees with an agreeable workplace.

 “Thanks to the help of Greenaumatic, we have easily gained insight into our CO2 emissions. After sharing specific data, we were able to meet the sustainability requirements of one of our leading customers and further strengthen our relationship with them.” 

‘The CO2 analysis is proof that together we are doing a great job.’


At Greenaumatic we are convinced that the concepts Integrated Thinking and Integrated Reporting can create a breakthrough in sustainability stimulation. At the same time, it is important to secure or even expand business results. A company should start simple and structurally incorporate ESG into their business strategy. It is then able to positively change the corporate culture and create long term value.

Are you thinking about initiating or improving your client’s sustainability journey? Sign up for our APP!

Our (white label) platform is thé solution for (financial) service providers (accountancy, consultants, banks, insurance companies) who want to actively support their SME customers in their sustainability process.

Our solution aligns sustainability initiatives with business objectives for the benefit of risk management and strategic planning. We produce ESG metrics and build decisive reports that support businesses in their sustainability and ESG challenges. ESG is the abbreviation for Environment Social Governance. It is a generic term used to determine how far advanced a company is with sustainability.


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