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Do you want to improve your knowledge about sustainability, ESG and upcoming European directives, such as the much talked about CSRD? Do you serve small or medium-sized companies that are struggling to implement ESG principles? And are you looking for advice on how you can support these clients in taking steps in sustainability and ESG? Curious about the essential data for effective ESG management and the data challenges you can face as an accountant? Are you looking for ways to improve your service portfolio and stay ahead in an evolving market?


These questions and many other related topics are addressed in the ESG courses for accountants developed by Greenaumatic, your specialist in ESG Management. The courses are organized in collaboration with Auxilium Adviesgroep.


In these courses, Patrick de Veer and Ronald Baart will help entrepreneurs to take the necessary steps to achieve the required ESG objectives.

ESG is used to assess the extent to which a company has progressed in terms of sustainability, encompassing both its economic and ecological value.

This year, accountants have to spend 8 study hours on the theme of ‘sustainability’. Our courses meet this condition.

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Our course offerings:

Webinar: ESG introduction for the accountant

In this 1-hour webinar (MS Teams) you will be informed about the latest sustainability concepts and developments. You’ll get best practices for having an ESG conversation with your client, and we’ll share the pros and cons of implementing ESG reporting in SME’s. Due to the growing demand for sustainability information, the need to report accurately on ESG aspects is also increasing.


  • Definition of ‘sustainability’ and explanation of terms such as CSRD, ESG and triple bottom line
  • Applicability of ESG and ESG reporting in SMEs
  • Concepts of Integrated Thinking, Integrated Reporting, NFRD/CSRD principles
  • Available ESG guidelines and frameworks and how to get started
  • Meaning of sustainability for SME accountants and their clients
  • Global, European and Dutch developments in the field of sustainability
  • Tips for having an ESG conversation with your client, including ambition, goals, strategy and monitoring
  • Advantages and disadvantages of implementing ESG reporting in SME’s

By following this webinar you can write 1 hour before the mandatory theme sustainability 2023 in your PE-Portfolio.


After the webinar you can attend 2 courses that will help you further implement ESG within your advisory portfolio:

ESG in practice: determine your impact within the consultation (3 hours)

In this training we will discuss ESG in practice and how you can start a sustainability conversation with your customer. The learning objective is to make an initial inventory based on the relevant situation of your customer. And we look at how you can use this information as a basis for consultations that lead to a further strategic relationship in the field of sustainability.


  • Introduction to ESG and why it’s important for SME accountants
  • Introduction and overview of key metrics and disclosures in ESG reporting for SME’s
  • Collecting, analysing and ensuring the quality of ESG data
  • How to include ESG in financial statements
  • Communicating ESG performance with stakeholders

By following this course you can write 3 hours for the mandatory theme sustainability 2023 in your PE-Portfolio


ESG in practice: risks and opportunities of ESG for SME’s (3 hours)

In this training we will discuss the risks and opportunities of ESG for SME’s and entrepreneurs. The emphasis in this course is on how to leverage these ESG risks and opportunities. And we discuss the importance of ESG reporting in relation to business operations, regulation and assurance.


  • What do your customers have to deal with in terms of sustainability?
  • What are the opportunities and risks for you as an accountant?
  • The importance for business operations, the chain, regulations and assurance
  • Compliance with ESG standards and regulations
  • Improving the quality of ESG reporting & testing
  • What can be your role as an accountant?

By following this course you can write in your PE-Portfolio 3 hours before the mandatory theme sustainability 2023.


Additionally we offer:

ESG in practice: how do you set up a sustainability advisory practice? (tailor-made)

This course will discuss how to set up a sustainability advisory practice and integrate ESG Management into your organisation. We give tips on how you can increase your value as an advisor. This 3-hour course is included in the program of the entrepreneur network or can be purchased as a tailor-made solution.


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