Greenaumatic & Zero CO2

Greenaumatic & Zero CO2

On November 8th, Greenaumatic had the pleasure to be invited to participate in the Promotiedagen Noord Nederland by Zero CO2.

De Promotiedagen is the #1 business event of North Netherlands where the northern business community meets, inspires and does business.

Zero CO2 is a platform for SME entrepreneurs who want to become more sustainable. Entrepreneurs gain insight into the opportunities of investing in sustainability in a concrete and realistic way.  Zero CO2 does this together with partners who are active in this and mutually reinforce each other.


In a table discussion with entrepreneurs from the accountancy sector, we discussed the importance and possibilities of ESG reports in SMEs.

In order for ESG to be successful, it is important to integrate this structurally into business operations.

Putting environmental and social aspects at the heart of the company’s processes in addition to the financial objectives determines the long-term success of a company.

ESG principles are:

  • Change thinking to integrated thinking!
  • Communicate with integrity!
  • Focus on value creation for short, medium and long term!

Why ESG?

ESG makes sustainability measurable, resulting in ‘data-driven’ and ‘evidence-based’ business operations.

  • A combination of economic, social and environmental elements is necessary to make sound financial and non-financial decisions.
  • Stakeholders (shareholders, customers, staff, suppliers) are increasingly making their ESG expectations clear.
  • ESG objectives help to better determine the performance of companies (return and risk).
  • ESG achieves consistent and transparent reporting that can be implemented in any industry.

What’s going on in the industry?

It quickly became clear that well-known industry-related developments and challenges regarding sustainability are still ‘on the table’. This emphasizes known concerns, but also offers several interesting opportunities:

  • For many, the issue of sustainability and ESG is very comprehensive and often opaque. A frequently heard signal from the market.
  • Entrepreneurs are still in a strong exploratory phase, in which they are looking to meet the needs of the customer.
  • Nevertheless, they see plenty of opportunities to convey awareness for sustainability to clients.
  • The availability and validity of data fundamental for Assurance and Compliance require the necessary steps to be taken.
  • Not fulfilling the advisory role for sustainability will without a doubt result into customer loss.
  • Lack of manpower and changes in the necessary competencies require internal organizational adjustments.
  • But also offers opportunities for external business developments through outsourcing and/or consolidation of activities in shared service centers.

The collective consensus is that it is no longer about recognizing the need of sustainability, but above all about the necessity to implement and integrate sustainability into the service portfolio as soon as possible.

Follow up session

Hearing new and in-depth information about ESG triggered an enthusiastic impulse for a follow-up session. A session in which the approach and implementation of sustainability will further be discussed and where the aim will be to take concrete steps together.


Zero CO2 is currently running a sector-specific pilot to demonstrate the emissions per inland vessel. Harrier clients are hereby invited to participate and receive an ESG Impact Scan. This report calculates the CO2 emissions and the impact on the business results. Measuring and controlling CO2 emissions provides insight into risks, reduction possibilities and leads to a more cost-effective business model (long-term value creation)

Are you interested in a pilot to gain insight into the CO2 emissions of your customers, or do you want to know more on how to implement and integrate sustainability in your service portfolio, please contact us. We are happy to help!


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