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Your sustainability journey starts here!

Set course for long-term value creation, by integrating Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles in your organization and demonstrate your commitment to the environment and society.

Take the first step

With an increasing demand for greater involvement in the decisions that affect our lives and communities, companies are required to be more transparent and accountable in their actions. You can achieve this by embedding ESG management in your organization. As with every change this can seem overwhelming and challenging, but the most important is taking that first step!

Make a difference

By taking the right approach, companies can ensure that their ESG journey is well-structured, transparent, and meets the needs and expectations of their stakeholders. An approach that provides valuable insights, so that SME leaders like you are empowered to make well-informed, value-driven decisions.


Improve the way you do business

Sustainable companies not only demonstrate responsibility but also gain a competitive edge. They attract purchase-conscious consumers, explore new markets, and mitigate risks tied to evolving regulations and environmental challenges.


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Lean guidance to help you every step of the way

At Greenaumatic, we specialize in helping companies achieve successful integration of ESG Management. Our approach revolves around a well-defined ESG EcoSystem that encompasses future-proof strategy, practical execution, and iterative monitoring. By using intelligent data analytics, we discover valuable insights for you that contribute to sustainable business management. Our technology is accessible and adaptable, giving you the opportunity to co-design your sustainability needs with us and align them with your business processes. With our ESG EcoSystem, everything comes together to achieve and share your positive impact with your customers, suppliers, and employees.

  • Seamless integration in your business processes.
  • Insight into your non-financial issues and their financial impact.
  • Practical and result-driven recommendations for sustainable growth.
  • Accredited ESG frameworks, standards, and guideline metrics.
  • Continuous improvement of your ecological and economic goals.

Find out more about ESG reporting in SMEs. Here you will find some basic steps that can help you get started right now!

Greenaumatic: An introduction to ESG Management

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