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Enhancing ESG Reporting: Greenaumatic and KING Software Partner for Sustainable Growth

We are excited to announce our partnership with KING Software, a leading provider of accounting and ERP solutions. Together, we are committed to empowering accountants and entrepreneurs in their sustainability and ESG reporting efforts.


By prioritizing data availability and transparency, organizations can better measure the impact of their ESG efforts and demonstrate their commitment to environmental and social responsibility. Find here the exclusive interview with KING Software in which Patrick de Veer, founder of Greenaumatic, shares his inspiring journey as an entrepreneur and highlights the crucial role that SMEs play in shaping a more sustainable economy.

(Greenaumatic King Interview Connectivity (2023.06.08) English version)


KING Connectivity Event: Thursday, 8 June – Register Now!

During the upcoming KING Connectivity event, Patrick de Veer, will address KING Software clients about the importance of ESG reporting and how it contributes to a better grip on the sustainability of a company.

KING Connectivity brings together professionals from across the country for an informative program with the latest features from KING Accountancy, KING Finance, KING ERP and / or KING WMS.


Streamlined Reporting with Greenaumatic and KING Software Integration

We understand your need for fast and efficient ESG reporting. That’s why we have developed a seamless integration between the Greenaumatic Bridge application and KING Software’s iMUIS Online. Our integration simplifies the generation of sustainability reports for your clients, ensuring accurate data flow and measurable ESG initiatives.

With our low-code integration product, you can quickly and easily authorize basic information to flow to the Greenaumatic Bridge application. This makes sustainability initiatives measurable, which are then displayed in a report that you can share with your customers.

Benefits of our integration:

  • Eliminate the need for manual export actions or complex data manipulations.
  • No programming skills required – you can establish the connection effortlessly.
  • Real-time, automatic data exchange between iMUIS Online and our Greenaumatic Bridge ESG Management application.
  • Instantly visualize measurable sustainability initiatives for your customers.
  • Fast and efficient solution that provides tangible value to your customers.

ESG: Shaping a Sustainable Economy
Together with KING Software, we are committed to stimulating sustainable growth. By leveraging the power of data within your systems, we help companies make their ESG initiatives measurable. Our approach enables you to gain insight into developments, opportunities and risks while meeting sustainability requirements. We are convinced that not only multinationals, but also SMEs will make the difference on the way to a more sustainable future.

Want to learn more?

Every company is unique, and we understand that. To learn more about our services, software, or customizable ESG Management programs, please contact us. Or go to the KING App Store to request an integration. We look forward to helping you drive sustainable growth and create a better future together!

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