Why Greenaumatic

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For some time now, Mother Earth seems to be on fire. Unfortunately in some parts of the world even literally. Let’s say our environment requires attention. All my life I have collected data and information to identify risks for companies. I thought; if I were to use my knowledge and experience for risk assessments regarding our planet, wouldn’t that make more sense? Anyone can list risk issues that threaten our joint healthy environment. For me that was:

  • degradation of biodiversity
  • loss and decline of eco-systems
  • climate change
  • scarcity and poor quality of water and maritime environments
  • poverty in distant countries but also close by
  • social decline
  • sustainable food supply and waste management
  • economic stagnation

And the list is unfortunately much longer in reality.

I have asked myself a number of questions; What do these risks mean for companies and for us as a person working for these companies? What can companies do to map out risks in their own living environment? And can we rethink our way of life and how we work to contain, avoid or even reverse these risks?

But where to start? It took me a few years before I even started to consciously look at the world around me. Let alone I was working on the above questions. In the past two years, I’ve had the opportunity to unwind. As a result, you have time to get familiar yourself of the many world challenges. Eventually, after a lot of reading, you get bit by bit of a better picture of what’s going on around you. Which things make the biggest impression on me? Is there a topic I want and can do more for? If so, what and how?

Due to an immense number of world problems and a jungle of information, it is very difficult to set up a practical plan to make a better world. The opposite happens to you. You get a little despondent and kind of “numb”. Just like at work, when you have too much to do and can’t see the forest for the trees, productivity is hard to find. Best remedy; Start somewhere, but small and especially Step by Step! The first motto we rally behind was born; Step-by-step!

At the time of this writing, many of us are seeking to create a “more sustainable” world. This is good, but it is not something of the present time alone. Since the 1960’s, biologists have seen the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides (to my surprise called “Green Revolution”) had devastating effects on land and wildlife. Recently, however, we have seen an increasing urgency to adjust our behavior and to reduce or preferably stop the adverse consequences of our actions. We need an easy word to relate to the many challenges. The latest fashion word is “sustainability”. On the one hand, having a general denominator is good, because one gets an image that one refers to. On the other hand, it can be counterproductive; when you have addressed one element, it may seem that you have overcome all sustainable challenges.

Today we are overloaded with data, information, through various media channels. For many people and companies it is very difficult to become aware of what is happening around them and what impact they themselves have on their environment. Especially in these times where time and independent factual information is scarce, we see that companies with good intentions often do not know how and where to start. Result; we do not start or until we experience the real problems ourselves. This is human -own unfortunately.

Now I am usually a positive person. Fortunately, there are a number of progressive people and companies who are trying to find their way towards world improvement. And this group is growing steadily. Another characteristic of humans is that we are very good at copying and learning from each other. My idea was; “Let’s use that characteristic to use the mass of companies (” The Mass “) to make them jointly” more sustainable “or” greener “. The idea of ​​Greenaumatic was born!

I believe that “The Mass” of companies should become active in incorporating Environment Social Governance ( ESG ) subjects in their business operations in order to make sound decisions. The more companies the better, the sooner the better, but with the right motivations!

As of September 4, 2020, the idea Greenaumatic actually became a legal entity (BV) to take my own action. I have laid down the following purpose description in the deed of incorporation:

“to promote and deliver services and software, including but not limited to, serving companies to make non-financial reporting in the field of Environmental , Social and Governance (ESG), with the corporate purpose;

the quality and well-being of the biological living environment (including animals, landscape, climate, habitats, biodiversity, air and water) and social environment (the sum of social, cultural and economic factors that influence on human behavior) of living beings ”

I hope to positively shape my contribution to a better world through Greenaumatic. Hopefully it will serve as inspiration and support for companies in their own ESG quest to become a better company.

Patrick de Veer



What do we stand for:

Together we face global challenges. Just to name a few: biodiversity loss, poverty, social decline, climate change and recently the covid19 pandemic. The Dutch government is committed to the global goals of the United Nations (through Sustainable Development Goals – SDG) and has set important deadlines; “By 2030 having 49% less CO2 compared to 1990 and have a fully circular economy by 2050 ″. Regardless of whether these are the only objectives to address the aforementioned challenges, we think we should ask ourselves the following; What is “our” status in relation to these goals?

No doubt many questions still arise, such as; What kind of goals are we talking about exactly? Is it reasonable to achieve those goals? Should we leave these challenges to the government alone? Etc. Experts say we will NOT achieve the goals set at the current rate. But how clear is our impact and progress on these goals? Is it valid to say that we must speed up? While we don’t have solid numbers, at Greenaumatic we say look around and see what’s going on in the world! Do you think something should change? If so, what can you do yourself and how can you be an example for others? Our main question at Greenaumatic is: How can we get the majority of companies to accelerate towards the sustainable goals?

We need numbers to report the right impact, to see progress and to provide insight into how engaged companies are! We not only need thorough and clear reports, we also need to be able to compare results. But most important of all is; we need companies that act on the goals. And preferably at a higher speed than we see now. We are happy to help your business start, step by step!

A clear trend of “sustainability” has begun. During this trend, it appears that the majority of companies like to talk about sustainable goals, but especially about sustainable guidelines, frameworks and as a marketing tool. However, most entrepreneurs have yet to find out exactly what “sustainability” means to them. And how they integrate ESG elements into strategies, processes, reports. With such a basis, companies can make the right decisions and plan follow-up actions. What can Greenaumatic do to boost their ESG activities?

We, at Greenaumatic, believe that the concepts Integrated Thinking and Integrated Reporting can create a breakthrough in the business and financial environment in terms of sustainability stimulation. In particular, we are convinced that companies can jointly accelerate change by following these initiatives. At the same time, it is important to secure or even expand individual business results. We strive to combat ESG reluctance. Perhaps this reluctance lies in the fact that organizations are unaware of their ability to contribute. Perhaps they are afraid of the unknown and see too great and unnecessary reporting obligations for their company?

What we do?

At Greenaumatic we enable every company to contribute in their own way. The most important thing is that the first step is taken! Do this by starting with low-threshold relevant ESG reports. We are convinced that when a company starts simple and then structurally incorporates ESG into their business strategy, it is able to further positively change the corporate culture step by step. A good start for addressing different world challenges. We are happy to support this with advice and our software to achieve these ESG objectives. We work with partners to reach as many companies as possible.

In concrete terms, this means that we can help you use relevant ESG measurement units and steer them towards your goals more efficiently. End result, and most important, for society as a whole; you can make more informed socially responsible decisions. We also stimulate and facilitate companies with our services and software to communicate ESG results (positive and negative) as unambiguously as possible. In this way, stakeholders can see the actual contribution and get insight into which improvements are coming. Greenaumatic will use this contribution on a macro level to provide ESG market and steering information to umbrella industry organizations and policy makers.

The ESG area is too extensive to claim that Greenaumatic can help you on all fronts. We therefore partner with other organizations and companies to make you a better company. In short, our motto on all fronts:

Be a better business!