Patrick de Veer

18 May 2024 Driving EcoSystemic Change Through Data Precision and Usability

Catch up on our ongoing dedication to empower SMEs for a sustainable future. Discover practical solutions, gain insights from industry trailblazers, and start your sustainability journey today.

18 Apr 2023 ESG & The Importance of Critical Thinking

ESG, or Environmental, Social, and Governance, has become a buzzword. However, as ESG becomes more mainstream, it is crucial to approach it with a critical eye and evaluate how it is being implemented in practice.

30 Jun 2022 Collaboration for competitive and emission-free logistics

Announcement: Collaboration Top Sector Logistics, Alfa Accountants and Adviseurs and Greenaumatic for competitive and emission-free logistics.

20 Jun 2022 Future proof your business!

At Greenaumatic we keep a critical focus on the services we provide and develop. We continuously question if our services support our core objective, meet customer requirements, remain in tune with global events and are aligned with the #GlobalGoals.

26 Apr 2022 Sustainability as a standard!

Upcoming measures regarding sustainability will play a major role in the short term. The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) focuses on larger companies, but certainly also affects the SME segment as a result of sustainability reporting obligations throughout the value chain.

17 Feb 2022 Take measurable and concrete steps towards sustainability

Do you also want to know what you can do to achieve your sustainability goals? Read our blog as iSourcingHub Knowledge Partner on the theme Sustainability & ESG here.

26 Mar 2021 Alfa Accountants en Adviseurs & Greenaumatic support transport companies in sustainable entrepreneurship

On January 19, 2021, Alfa Accountants en Adviseurs and Greenaumatic started a pilot amongst entrepreneurs in the transport and logistics sector to offer ESG reports.

17 Feb 2021 Response to: “MISSING ENVIRONMENTAL TARGET MUST HURT” – Jan Bouwens

After reading Jan Bouwens' column about 'Missing an environmental target must hurt', I wanted to respond with my vision.

06 Jan 2021 Greenaumatic as guest at Fourscouts Scoutcast (podcast)

Roasting Marshmallows at Fourscouts!

13 Dec 2020 Minister of New Economy (MoNE): Patrick de Veer

I am running for Minister of New Economy (MvNE): Will you vote for me?

10 Dec 2020 Some ESG explanation

ESG is not just a buzzword; it is a transformative force that can shape the fate of companies and the planet. In this blog you will receive more information about the background of ESG.

26 Nov 2020 Finding your way in the world of ESG guidelines

Almost all standards, frameworks and projects focus on steering towards corporate social responsibility. Which elements suit your company, products, services or supply chain?

06 Nov 2020 How does your sustainable journey begin?

If we want to promote initiatives to improve the world, we must report the right elements unambiguously and use them correctly. Empty use of "sustainable" and "sustainability" stands in the way of progress.

01 Nov 2020 Why Greenaumatic

Through Greenaumatic I want to positively shape my contribution to a better world. Hopefully it will serve as inspiration and support for companies in their own ESG quest to become a better company.