Greenaumatic ESG Data & Intelligence Platform

An all-in-one Data & Intelligence engine for your smarter ESG, Sustainability and Circularity decisions.

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the challenge
The ESG inequality
99% of the European companies are SME’s and together, they employ over 100 million people.
Just imagine what difference these companies can collectively make. Yet, almost all existing ESG data solutions and tools as well as sustainability regulation is aimed at corporates and large enterprises.
our answer
Democratize ESG data & intelligence for SMEs
At Greenaumatic we want to enable SME’s to make informed and sound business decisions based on financial and non-financial data. A data centric and reporting platform providing insight into relevant ESG KPI’s for SME’s as well as sector specific advice with next steps to support their sustainability journey.
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the Greenaumatic way

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Evolve alongside our customers
We create products and services to help businesses at different stages of their sustainability journey and are dedicated to growing with our customers and supporting them every step of the way.
Scale data & intelligence with human expertise & smart technology
We're committed to making ESGC intelligence vaulable, useful, affordable, and easy to access for all businesses.
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Collaborate with a mission-driven network
Changing to a purpose-driven economy is complex, and we can't do it alone. We therefore strive to work with a diverse network of partners who share our vision to create the best solutions and turn our purpose into reality.

Our Products

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Our Solutions

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Lean & Green Certification
For transporters who want to make their logistics processes more sustainable, where we provide support such as easily accessible delivery of reliable CO2 data.
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MVO Prestatieladder
For SMEs that want to achieve comprehensive sustainability, where we ensure the centralization of all relevant ESG themes and associated reliable data.
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Scope 3 emissions
For SMEs that work with CSRD-obligated companies, where we provide support for the data request process such as easily accessible delivery of reliable CO2 data.