Topsector Logistiek, Alfa Accountants and Greenaumatic

Collaboration for competitive and emission-free logistics

As an entrepreneur in the transport and logistics sector, you have one certainty: the demands placed on your environmental performance are only getting stricter. With the CO2 Impact scan, Greenaumatic had already developed an instrument with Alfa to raise awareness about the theme. In collaboration with the Top Sector Logistics and Alfa, we go one step further by using the CO2 impact scan to monitor and discuss optimization in the chain.

Top Sector Logistics is the partnership between companies, knowledge institutions and governments. The Top Sector Logistics has joined in to give entrepreneurs even more insight into the options for making their business operations more sustainable. Greenaumatic has been working with Alfa for some time. This has led to the launch of the CO2 impact scan. In this way we can also create added value in the field of the environment for the transport and logistics sector.

While the CO2 impact scan is mainly a temporary snapshot based on financial information, in this collaboration with two leading transport companies we will now provide interim insight into their emission progress. The output is also more extensive. Reporting is no longer limited to diesel consumption. The report also takes stock of the possible impact of shipments in the form of CO2 emissions. This information can also serve as an assessment, for discussing reduction measures with your customers and for your interaction with Lean & Green regarding further certification.

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