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Minister of New Economy (MoNE): Patrick de Veer

Vote for me!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Patrick de Veer. I am of colonial descent, partly Indonesian, partly Dutch Antillean. I was born here, grew up and I am very happy to live in the Netherlands. I feel like a Dutch citizen, but above all a world citizen. I would like to contribute to a better world. That has kept me busy for many years. Professionally and privately, I look for ways to make the world a little more aware, more beautiful, greener, … in short, better. There are enough ways to do that. I do this with my company Greenaumatic, but also by applying for a position for Minister of New Economy.

I want to make the current political system aware of the impact of their decisions on sustainable goals. Show which actions and non-actions influence the global goals and how. This relates often to the goals that the Netherlands has set itself for 2030 and 2050. I especially want to get the contradiction of decisions on the radar; On the one hand, people set goals, but often take opposite decisions. Now I understand that politics is not simple, but I am still amazed and at the same time confused when it comes to world big problems. And are you?


I want to be the voice of the astonished, confused Dutch person! The people around me usually have a warm heart, respect for the environment, animals and people who live in it. I also see many great promises, great goals, but at the same time little real progress. If you listen carefully, you will hear a major cry to accelerate to achieve the set climate goals for example. On the one hand you hear messages that we are doing well and on the other that we are not doing enough. And if world-improving guidelines have been drawn up in the past 15 to 20 years, why don’t we still align our actions with them?

Short election program:

Right now our Mother Earth appears to be on fire. Unfortunately in some parts of the world even literally. Let’s say our environment requires attention. When making an inventory of risk areas for us and our environment, we see the following focus areas where I want to examine the decisions and impact made:

  1. sustainability in a generic sense
  2. climate change
  3. ecosystems
  4. biodiversity
  5. water and marine resources
  6. poverty
  7. social decline
  8. sustainable food supply and waste management
  9. economy

One of the questions is whether technologies alone can achieve change? For me the answer is: No! We have to make the right decisions based not only on economic grounds, but also on our well-being. As far as I am concerned, we currently live in a broken system, economically, socially and ecologically. By making integrated decisions, we have the opportunity to restore these systems. I would like to start by demonstrating the impact of maintaining broken systems and continuing to make non-integrated decisions.

When are we going to take our own goals seriously?!?