Sustainability. Make it Happen! What ? So, What? Now, What?

You are a valued customer of the SusteneriGroup. That is why we are curious about your company’s view regarding the three sustainable aspects of business: Environment, Social and Governance (ESG). Did you know that reducing your environmental impact can deliver positive financial results? Together with Greenaumatic we would like to help you achieve these results and thus our general service to you to improve. Therefore, complete the short questionnaire so we can serve you better in our Sustainable Business Transformation (SBT)- Discovery Meeting. More details about our SBT Discovery meeting can be found below.

    How is your policy around sustainability?

    Do you have sustainability integrated in your strategy?

    Do you incorporate non-financial KPI's in your reporting?

    Does your board have the right leadership to achieve a sustainable company?

    The United Nations has set a number of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) or Sustainable Development Goals. You will find more information about this here. Which of these Sustainable Development Goals are important for your company? You can indicate several options.


    How 'green' are your products and services?

    Do you know the carbon footprint of your products and / or services?

    Do you know how much fuel, energy, water and resources your business uses?

    When can you improve the use and efficiency of sources?

    Are you aware of what external parties think about your "green" performance?

    Before submitting the questionnaire see more information about our SBT Discovery Meeting


    About the Discovery Meetings
    • For Boards of Directors and Executive Teams
    • Held as extensions to - or a special agenda item for – BOD or ExCo meetings
    • Face to face, face to virtual, Zoom or Blended
    • 60-90 minutes’ duration
    • A facilitated open dialogue with senior SusteneriGroup team members
    • Looks at the Why-How-What of the organisation’s Sustainable Business Transformation strategy
    • Focuses on the Now What?
    • Practical, strategic, actionable
    • Non-financial KPI's to measure, reporting and required efforts
    • Free of charge*

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