Sustainability as a standard!

Sustainability as a standard!

Upcoming measures regarding sustainability will play a major role in the short term. The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) focuses on larger companies, but certainly also affects the SME segment as a result of sustainability reporting obligations throughout the value chain. The SME segment is already faced with a growing demand for sustainability information from companies they serve (scope 3). For this reason, it is important that steps are already taken to safeguard this increasing demand so that the SME segment can continue to maintain and grow as a supplier.

Our experience shows that most SME entrepreneurs still have to figure out what exactly ‘sustainability’ means to them. And how they can integrate ESG elements into strategies, processes and reports. We help SME’s to integrate positive behavior change and drive sustainability by producing ESG-related metrics and building reports that support companies with their sustainability and ESG challenges. ESG is the abbreviation for Environment Social Governance. It is a generic term used to define how far companies are in sustainability.

We use our knowledge and experience in business analytics and data science to produce decisive reports, so that your sustainability initiatives become concrete and measurable. We collect data from your internal sources to compile the required ESG metrics. These are then visualized in our software platform so that you can actively manage and monitor them. This way we help companies to understand their impact and to implement sustainability as a standard for long-term value creation.

For example, in collaboration with Alfa Accountants & Adviseurs we created a CO2 report that can be made available to their customers in the Transport segment to gain an initial insight into the CO2 position in terms of consumption and costs. Through developed API links with existing data sources, measurable insights can be offered quickly and easily and concrete steps can be taken.

By making sustainability concrete and measurable using ESG metrics, you are able to make data-driven decisions, contribute to your responsibility in the field of sustainability and make your organization future-proof.

Read here Frank van Ee’s (Alfa) blog (Dutch version only) – Long-term value creation is becoming the norm.


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