Future proof your business!

Future proof your business!

‘We fuel businesses to integrate a positive change of behaviour and drive sustainability. We use our knowledge and expertise to produce concrete figures so companies are able to make data-driven decisions. This allows them to meet corporate social responsibility, create added value and contribute to a more sustainable future.’ 


I regularly take time to reflect if our business progress remains in line with the vision I have for Greenaumatic. It is easy to get side-tracked, as with every start up. Our navigation may not always be in a straight line, but like sailing you respond to the elements presented to you, whilst staying on course. And I am more than content as to where we currently stand as a company.

Looking at our progress so far and the direction into which we continue to grow, I could not have imagined we would have made such major strides in such a short time. Something that would not have been achieved without committed customer engagement and enthusiastic team dedication. Both being the driving forces behind the value we want to create.

However, with current events and the global risks we face many targets are still far from reach and larger steps need to be taken. Time is running out and action is needed now! I am driven to accelerate developments. We will continue to offer the services our customers need to move forward and achieve sustainable business operations. Only then can businesses contribute to a more sustainable future – sooner than later!

The rapid roll out of new CO2 measuring tools is on the one hand a good development meaning a greater awareness and an increasing focus for the main goal – CO2 reduction and Climate Action (SDG 13). But on the other hand, I have a growing concern that the multitude of these tools will only cause confusion in the market. The objective will be surpassed and the tools will lose their effectiveness to create the change so desperately needed. All developments are absolutely sincere in supporting the main goal, but if not pursued as such then goals will either dilute or stagnate.

At Greenaumatic we keep a critical focus on the services we provide and develop.

At Greenaumatic we continuously question if our services support our core objective, meet customer requirements, remain in tune with global events and are aligned with the #GlobalGoals. Our vision remains intact and our road map organic. This allows us to adapt to market developments and to tailor to customer needs. In bringing the financial and non-financial data together our customers will be able to create value and make an impact. Simply by being a better business.

Why is this important? In today’s world, decisions can be taken fast. However this does not always lead to the required result for a lack of sufficient insight. Your non-financial issues will always result into financial costs. Integrated Thinking <IT> and Integrated Reporting <IR> brings this clarity to the business and financial environment in terms of sustainability. Using your in-company data in a quick and efficient way lets you tackle the issues your company encounters more knowingly and swiftly.

But it does not stop there. Once you have the data, it needs to be structured into relevant and relatable information for full comprehension of the situation and risks. This can then be shared with stakeholders to:

  • integrate results in the thought process
  • allow for data-driven decision making
  • pursue sustainable business operations

Recent Developments

One of our most recent developments is realizing data connections to three important financial bookkeeping systems (Accountview, Exact Online, King Finance (iMuisOnline).  With these so-called Application Programming Interface (API’s) we enable our clients to access their own data in real-time. This data is then integrated in the reports we provide so it will help our customers to make concrete business decisions and take feasible actions towards sustainability.

Is your Transport company using one of these data sources and do you want to integrate your data in our CO2 Impact Scan? Find us in the App Centres below and sign up for the Greenaumatic APP


For those who require other data connections we do support some common fuel and Transport Management System exports. We are currently investigating an API for enabling the Shell fuel source in The Netherlands. We keep you posted!