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Alfa Accountants en Adviseurs & Greenaumatic support transport companies in sustainable entrepreneurship

Wageningen, March 26: On January 19, 2021, Alfa Accountants and Advisors and Greenaumatic started a pilot amongst entrepreneurs in the transport and logistics sector to offer non-financial reports: Environment Social Governance reports, in short ESG reports. Both organizations work on and support the development of a sustainable economy. The pilot is in line with this and gives customers insight into how they can create sustainable value in their own organisation and in society.

Sustainability is a more urgent topic on the agenda for many entrepreneurs. “Most companies and organizations see the need for sustainable entrepreneurship because it influences the continuity perspective of their company. In practice, however, there are several questions. Entrepreneurs are struggling how to integrate sustainable business practices within the organization, ”said Fou-Khan Tsang, Chairman of Alfa’s Board of Directors. Alfa and Greenaumatic want to provide insight through simple but relevant ESG reports and help customers to become more sustainable. Both organizations want to challenge customers to look ahead to a sustainable future.

Sustainability in the transport sector

There is still a lot to be gained in the field of sustainability in the transport sector. Alfa works for more than 350 customers who focus on transport and logistics. It is not surprising that the pilot therefore starts with a select group of transport customers of the organization. The pilot is divided into two phases. “We will enter into discussions with a select number of customers in the first phase of the pilot. We test the reports and ask for targeted feedback ”, says Patrick de Veer, founder of Greenaumatic. Based on this, the ESG reports are further structured technically and the process optimized. In the second phase, we will further expand the group of Alfa customers. “We believe it is important that customers integrate sustainability into their business decisions,” said Tsang. Alfa and Greenaumatic want to seek feedback from customers whether the ESG reports are valuable for them as transport operators. A successful pilot can be the start of offering an integrated service to a wider spectrum of Alfa customers in different industries and sectors.

About Alfa

Alfa is an accountancy and consultancy organization for the agricultural sector and small and medium-sized businesses with 35 offices in the Netherlands. From a nationally active organization, but with an office around the corner. In this way, Alfa serves its customers with broad financial knowledge and specialist industry knowledge. Alfa’s activities consist of compiling annual accounts and performing (statutory and voluntary) audit assignments. In addition, Alfa is a committed advisor to its customers for, among other things, tax, legal, business and HR matters. Alfa has a growing advisory practice in the field of valuation, subsidies and mergers and acquisitions and also works across borders within the worldwide network of DFK International. Alfa has been B Corp certified since 2014. An international network of companies operates under the name B Corp. In addition to profit, they also explicitly pursue sustainable and social objectives. To become B Corp, companies must pass a rigorous and comprehensive assessment and endorse the Declaration of Affiliation.

About Greenaumatic

Greenaumatic stands for making companies more accessible and more sustainable and making the world a bit better. As a services organization, Greenaumatic offers software and advice to generate clear ESG reports to help companies achieve their non-financial goals. In addition to being a data expert, Greenaumatic offers commercial, organizational and ESG knowledge to partners and direct customers. The available technical skills and knowledge about sustainability ensure that customers have access to information about complex issues and/or when taking integrated decisions. Our tools provide what entrepreneurs need!

Do you want to know more about this pilot?

Please contact Patrick de Veer by phone 06 43127643 or patrick@greenaumatic.com. You can also contact Fou-Khan Tsang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alfa Accountants en Advisors, by telephone on 088 2531000 or by e-mail at ftsang@alfa.nl.

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